We are excited to launch our Parent Education Webinar Series

Music Therapy 101

We are excited to launch our Parent Education Webinar Series.

As parents and patients try to navigate a new diagnosis, they can be overwhelmed with information. We want to provide informational videos to help parents and patients navigate their rare diagnosis and inform them about different types of interventions available.

Our first webinar is about Music Therapy. Thank you to Kristin Moulder of MidWest Music Therapy for donating her time and talents to introduce Music Therapy to our community. Thank you to the Jordan family for sharing their experience with music therapy and participating in a demonstration.

Be on the look out for our quarterly release of the Parent Education Webinar Series.

If you have ideas for an educational webinar or a provider who would like to present, please contact us at info@csnk2a1foundation.org

To learn more about MidWest Music Therapy visit http://www.midwestmusictherapy.com/Midwest_Music_Tx/home.html

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