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Okur-Chung Neurodevelopmental Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder first identified in 2016. OCNDS is caused by a mutation in the CSNK2A1 gene which is located on Chromosome 20. The gene CSNK2A1 creates a protein called CK2 which plays a crucial role in development. A mutation in this gene disrupts typical development.

  • Everyone with OCNDS has some degree of developmental delay and/or differences in brain function
  • More than 120 patients worldwide have been diagnosed with OCNDS so far. This number is expected to increase with increasing utilization of WES in other regions of the world
  • OCNDS is caused by heterozygous mutations in the CSNK2A1 gene on chromosome 20
  • OCNDS affects both males and females
  • There is not a definitive cure for OCNDS yet

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For help in explaining an OCNDS diagnosis to others, print and share this informational brochure.
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