The Importance of Raising Awareness and Its Effect on Social Opportunity by Jacquie Lopez

Amanda (at right) graduating with her proud sister, Madie, by her side.

by Jacquie Lopez

“3 weeks ago my eldest daughter, Amanda, had a job interview at Inspire Me Bracelets. Her sister Madie just wanted to go with her to the interview. Amanda didn’t want to tell her no and hurt Madie’s feelings. Even against my advice, I let Amanda take Madie to the job interview. When asked by the managers why she had her sibling with her to a job interview, she explained that her sister had a rare disease and she didn’t want to disappoint her sister. They met Madie and learned about OCNDS. They hired Amanda and even allow Amanda to bring Madie to work on weekends. There are still amazing people on earth. It gives me hope for a better future for our kids. Now Madie tells everyone she landed her sister a job.”

#RareDiseaseDay #weareyou #HopeIntoAction #ocnds

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