Days by Rhiannon Cramer

Rhiannon Cramer

by Rhiannon Cramer


The sun rises up, the sun lowers down
The child does not sleep
The child breaths and that is our need

The sun rises up again

The physical therapist comes again
The occupational therapist comes again
The doctor appointments to be made again

The sun is at midday

The feeding therapist comes again
The vision therapist comes again
The speech therapist comes again

The sun is now near the end

The tear filled cuddle fit in
The work fit in
The chores fit in

The sun lowers down once again

But where was the day?
But where was the fun?
But where was the freedom for the child?

The child does not know otherwise

These are the days full of therapists that keep the child going
These are the days full of doctors that keep the child going
These are the days full of phone calls that keep the child going

These days, allow for those future days

Those future days are what we work for
Those future days are for the fun
Those future days are freedom for the child

The future days are soon to come

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