Each Monday join us to celebrate #MilestoneMondays

We will highlight an individual living with OCNDS and celebrate a milestone that they have achieved. Those living with OCNDS have many daily challenges. Some challenges are as basic as swallowing, toileting, dressing themselves, putting on a seatbelt, and making friends. Individuals with OCNDS have to work harder than the average person to reach the smallest of milestones.

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Today we celebrate Jules! Jules is 12 years old. Her parents describe her as a budding chef, spicy, clever, determined, and full of life. She has OCNDS and is non verbal. This past year, she started calling her dad, "dada." Most children reach this milestone in their first year. Jules' dad shared with us: "As the years passed, I thought Jules would never call me, dada. I've had many dreams where I hear her voice and she speaks. When Jules said dad for the first time, I thought I was dreaming. I love her voice. Every time she says dada I am reminded to never give up and never underestimate the amazing things she is capable of. Her body is failing her due to OCNDS, however she fights like crazy every day to reveal all the words and thoughts swirling in her clever brain. Dada loves you, Jules." Today, we cheer for Jules! Way to go, Jules!

Today, we cheer for Harper! Her family recently shared with us:
"Harper was diagnosed with OCNDS at 5 years old. She didn’t crawl until 14 months. She has always been delayed in every milestone. She works so hard to do simple tasks her peers can easily do without thinking about it. She reminds us to never give up! We celebrate every milestone because it is a reminder of how hard she has worked to get here. COVID-19 restrictions have given us more time to work on skills. And for the first time ever, Harper learned to ride a bike without training wheels at 8 years old. She loves riding her bike, and now does tricks, riding with one hand going up and down ramps and over curbs." Today, we celebrate Harper! Way to go, Harper!

harper #milestonemonday 3.22.2021

Today we celebrate Adelynn! Adelynn is almost 3 & has OCNDS. Her mom recently shared: "During quarantine, Adelynn learned how to crawl after working so hard in therapy. She is the sweetest toddler and a social butterfly. Her therapists all say she is a motivated toddler who never gives up!" Today, we celebrate Adelynn! Way to go, Adelynn!

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