Belle and Melissa Burnham

I Challenge You

by Melissa Burnham Today is Rare disease day!!! After almost 7 years, Belle was finally diagnosed with a rare, newly founded, genetic disease called OKUR-CHUNG Neurodevelopmental syndrome ( Named after the two Scientists who discovered it.) We are so grateful for answers, and the sweet community we have gained. I thought I’d give a...

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KERI Blog Post Thomas in his favorite room, the Rainbow Room

An OCNDS Parent’s Experience at an Intensive Therapy Program at the Star Institute for Sensory Processing

By Keri Ninness As we began to really prepare for Thomas to go to Public school for kindergarten, we asked his therapists where they saw his biggest areas of need. We then assessed where in our home his functioning was most impaired. While Thomas doesn’t have a full on Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis, he...

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