Art Brings Community Together for Rare Disease Day

Tere Casas Rare Disease Day 2019

Tere Casas Rare Disease Day 2019

Tere Casas is a celebrated and well known artist from Mexico whose work has been showcased around the world. She is an exceptional artist with a huge heart. For Rare Disease Day, she donated her time to show how art can bring a community together. Kids from our Bay Area community transformed a blank canvas into a beautiful, energetic and meaningful piece with her guidance and encouragement. They were told to paint – what makes them happy, what love means to them and what community stands for.

Rare Disease Day brings awareness to communities that are small in number who are often isolated and highlights issues that affect them. You can see as the piece began it felt lonely and small. Once the community came together the images are jumping off the canvas.  It is exploding with energy illustrating we are stronger together. We are truly grateful to Tere for donating endless hours to this project and giving our community this experience.

Thank you, Tere, for providing a safe space for us to experience love, inclusion, kindness, happiness and hope. And thank you for giving our community a chance to learn more about rare disease.

To learn more about Tere Casas visit

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